Touratech Suspension Competition Plug & Race Cartridge for BMW S1000RR from 2015

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With the Competition Plug & Race Cartridge Touratech Suspension gives the ambitious sport motorcyclist the equipment for fast lap times. It simply replaces the BMW DDC Cartridge. Existing sockets and switches on the handlebars are used as normal. This is how the fork is integrated into the motorcycle, still via the original BMW control unit. Our suspension system team has developed an excellent basic setup for the BMW S1000RR. Based on this, the Plug & Race Cartridge can be completely personalised to your needs. The superlative balance and the great feeling of the suspension system are your key to the perfect race performance.

The new race performance for your BMW S1000RR with DDC suspension system.

Facts & Figures Plug & Race Cartridge:
- The Competition Plug & Race Cartridge is installed in the original fork.
- Forks/handlebar mounting, brakes, wheel control and steering geometry remain exactly the same.
- The spring preload in a fork leg is completely adjustable from above
- So the balance of your motorbike can be optimally adjusted.
- All the BMW S1000RR DDC system driving modes and setting options remain just as they are.
- The Touratech Plug & Race Shock Absorber can be used in combination with the original BMW fork.
- The Touratech Plug & Race Shock Absorber is operated using the original BMW handlebar fittings.
- The driving modes Rain, Sport, Race with ABS and ASC, Slick and User-Mode are all fully available.
- High damping stability, race performance & robustness thanks to a 35 mm piston.
- Closed cartridge construction provides extremely high strength and stability to the fork.
- Damping oil (cartridge) and nitrogen in an accumulator (bladder) at the base of the cartridge,
- No formation of foam and no stickslip in the fork, thanks to the separation of oil and nitrogen.
- This means the damping performance is reproducible at any time, even under the most extreme conditions.

Delivered with:
- Ready-to-mount Plug & Race Cartridge Kit
- Connector with electronics for BMW DDC
- Installation instructions / user manual

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