Touratech suspension shock for BMW F800GS from 2013 Type: Plug & Travel for BMW ESA

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The Plug & Travel shockabsorber for BMW ESA offers top performance with premium chassis technology for your BMW F800GS with ESA system. This premium chassis is designed specifically for long-distance travel with a lot of luggage, for all road conditions through to track stages.. The shock simply replaces the BMW ESA strut. The existing plugs and switches on the handlebar are used as usual. Thus the Touratech suspension shock is integrated into the motorcycle using the original BMW controls. This lets you continue using the damper settings on the handlebar and on the BMW display. The Touratech shock to suit your adventure. All you need to do is drive.

This Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel shockabsorber is manufactured with the same precision components and assemblies that have proven themselves on thousands of kilometres in our shocks under the toughest conditions. For you this means: Adjustment to any volume of luggage, ranging from a rear bag to a loaded luggage system and/or with a passenger, is performed easily and quickly by hand wheel via the hydraulic spring pre-tension. The unique, robust hydraulic Touratech spring pre-tension compensates for weekend tours, large luggage or your long-distance tour using the Extreme setting range. The balance of your motorcycle is set perfectly.
The heart of this suspension system is a stepping motor specially adapted to the BMW ESA and integrated in the shock. This stepping motor allows optimal damping via the original BMW switch on the handlebar to the desired setting, comfort, normal or sport.

The Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel for BMW ESA is a premium class product in terms of chassis technology. This shock is developed for touring and riding under frequent and strongly varying load and riding conditions and high demands.

You will experience a completely new ride with your motorbike.

The salient features and facts of the Plug & Travel shock-absorber:
=> The shockabsorber is configured on the basis of our experience with the BMW F800GS and is set "ready-to-ride".
=> Parameters include weight of the vehicle / pivot of the shock / constructional conditions / test rides.
=> The shockabsorber described here is designed for up to 100 kg weight of the rider including travel luggage.
=> The rear and front sections of the motorcycle should be adjusted for all chassis solutions.
=> The suitable component for the front of the BMW F800GS is here:
=> The Extreme Cartridge KIT for the BMW F800GS from 2013 Item: 01-048-5840-0
=> Changing just a single component does not result in optimal riding behaviour.

Features of the Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel shock-absorber:
=> The shock housing is made of aluminium.
*** This results in lowest possible weight.
=> All assemblies and components are designed for intensive use with heavy touring motorcycles.
=> Large 16 mm piston rod made of chromium-molybdenum steel for maximum stability and durability
=> Fitted with special low-friction seals.
*** This results in very low wear and long durability of the shock.
=> The suspension spacer is fitted with sturdy stainless steel bushes for the fastening screws.
*** This gives the fastening screw a firm, backlash-free fit, even at highest loads.
=> Touratech Suspension stepping motor, developed for us by Tractive, is integrated into the shockabsorber.
=> All setting options of the BMW ESA are retained in full.
=> The Touratech Plug & Travel shock is operated via the original BMW hand controls.
* On the right handlebar: the settings - Comfort - Normal Sport.
* As accustomed, the riding mode can be selected during riding to give the best level of comfort.
=> Special Touratech setup for balance, damping and rebound.
*** This results in high, precise damping performance even at high damping frequencies (poor roads, tracks),
=> Unique robust hydraulic "Extreme" spring pre-tension via an easy accessible positioned hand wheel.
*** Based on numerous kilometres of travel and the experiences gained by the Touratech Race Team on its missions.
=> Bottoming control with secondary compression dampening technology which prevents bottoming out.
*** The (PDS) Position-dependant Dampening System is like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke.
=> QR barcode on the shockabsorber with individual shock information.
*** This enables easy call-up of shock-specific information by scanning with a Smartphone.
*** Information on the basic setting of the shock can be called up at any time. Reset is possible for incorrect setting.
=> The Plug & Travel suspension shockabsorber for the BMW ESA is fully service-enabled. This allows permanent maximum ride dynamics.

The installed basic setup is set for riders up to 100 kg including travel luggage. Adjustment for considerably higher loads or other exceptional requirements is possible. The shockabsorber is then customised by us to your requirements using a spring with a higher spring rate and other configurations. Please use our chassis check form and send us the
filled in form.

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